Friday, November 21, 2008

Update on my studies

I'm not sure if it has ever come up before, but I am a graduate student currently working on my licentiate in philosophy. All my course work is finished, so I have been writing my thesis. It's title: A Defense of God’s Freedom to Create in the Metaphysics of St. Thomas Aquinas.

I just dropped my first draft in my director's mailbox today. Not counting front and end matter--the dedication, acknowledgments, table of contents, bibliography &c.--it clocks in at just under 150 pages. My director must now read it and suggest any changes. Once he has approved it, a reader will be found for it and I can schedule my final oral examination. Once it receives reader approval and I pass the oral exam, I will receive my licentiate and be licensed to teach philosophy in any pontifical university or major seminary.

I would appreciate any prayers that readers might spare for the successful completion of my studies. I would also appreciate prayers to aid me in discerning what to do after I graduate. At the moment it looks like a decision between finding work as a teacher or entering the seminary. I am currently leaning towards the latter.


Tom said...

Congratulations on getting your first draft finished!

I'll pray for your discernment (and, depending on how things shake out, I just happen to know of a religious order that appreciates licentiates in philosophy).

ari said...

Prayers (and congratulations) all around!

By the way, what school are you attending?

I was rather curious when you mentioned in passing that it happens to be the oldest of Pontifical universities in the country.

If the latter, you will make one fine candidate; but even if the former, a fine professor regardless. Perhaps you'll even make an even greater contribution by the mixing of the 2 endeavors?

God bless!

brendon said...

Tom & Ari,

Thank you.


I actually spent some time in discernment with the Dominican Eastern Province when I was living down in the District. While I will probably become a priest in my home diocese for a variety of reasons, Dominican spirituality has become a large and important part of my spiritual life. I am looking into getting involved with my local Dominican laity, and I am trying to find more information on the clerical fraternities of St. Dominic.


I go to the Catholic University of America. I might have actually misspoken in calling it "the oldest of Pontifical universities in the country." There are older Pontifical faculties in the country, and there are even older Pontifical faculties that are universities. But, as far as I can tell, CUA has been both a university and a pontifical faculty longer than any other. But I could be wrong. I wouldn't want to give the wrong impression.