Sunday, April 13, 2008

On Kosovo and Serbia

Because I am sure that any and every reader of this blog cares what I think (I am sure of this because I am relatively sure that I am the only reader of my blog) and because the Internet allows me not to care what any of you think even if you do not like what I have to say and because I forgot to say something sooner, I will now make public my opinion on what should be one of the most important global political issues of the day. viz. the secession of Kosovo from Serbia.

My opinion is as follows:

is Serbia

That is all.

Edited to add, for further clarification:

It is not at all stupid to allow a Muhammadan state to come into existence in the heart of Europe. It is a great idea. There can be no possible danger in allowing such a foothold where Western and Eastern Europe meet. There is certainly no danger in further Muhammadan encroachment on the boarders of Christendom. It is not like they have ever destroyed churches, defaced holy icons and persecuted Christians or anything. It is certainly not the case that they have been doing so in Kosovo. It is certainly not the case that support for an independent Kosovo is support for terrorists and their tactics. Because the United States has chosen to support independence for Kosovo, and we are at war with terrorism. No, this is a great idea. It should be followed with free marshmallows and puppies for all.

The preceding paragraph was an example of what we in the business call sarcasm.

"So, are you saying that Christianity should have precedence of Muhammadanism?"

Yes, that is exactly what I am saying. Truth should have precedence over falsehood. Civilization should have precedence over barbarism. The fact that anyone could question such things is evidence that the world is mad.


Peter said...

Nope, you have at least one reader other than yourself: me.

brendon said...

Well thank you Peter. Such a pleasant surprise. At least this means that my blog is more than an exercise in mental self-abuse.

Lori said...

Late to the party...don't even know if you'll read this (if it "pings" you or anything when a new comment comes in)...but I just discovered your blog and it's fantastic...thank you, and keep writing!!

brendon said...


I'm glad you like what you've read so far. Thank you for the kind feedback.