Saturday, April 19, 2008

Some more blog housekeeping

Some may have notice that I added a new blog category: retractationes. This is a Latin noun that translates to something along the lines of re-discussion or re-treatment. It is often translated as "retractions" but it does not necessarily mean "a taking back of a previous point." It can also be a clarification of a previous discussion. I'll use it when I need to go back and further clarify or modify things I have previously stated.

In addition, here are the topics of some upcoming posts, which will be written as time permits:

A series of posts about the "Do-It-Yourself Deity" game. It essentially states that God as understood by Christians is improbably. I will be responding and critiquing its reasons for so doing.

A post on St. Thomas Aquinas' discussion of the the production of the woman in the Summa theologiae.

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