Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Just a thing

I was torn about posting this. I am not sure it really fits the tone of the blog. But to purposefully hide things about myself seems dishonest, and not posting after thinking I should post it seems to count as purposefully hiding things about myself.

90% Geek

I am a geek and I have been one for a very long time. I was the fourth grader who signed out an unabridged copy of The War of the Worlds from the classroom bookshelf. My teacher had no idea how such a book got on her shelf. She told me not to feel bad if I couldn't understand it. I brought it back the next day. "Too hard?" she asked. "No," says I, "I've just finished it." She asked me a few questions about the plot &c. The next week I was going to the fifth grade for reading class.

I'm not as into technology as I used to be. It may or may not show in some other posts, but I have some Luddite sympathies. I used to really be interested in technology, especially computers. I originally majored in computer science as an undergraduate. But in the end, the math I had to learn was more enjoyable than the programming. And later I found metaphysics more enjoyable than mathematics. I suppose that's a pretty Platonic progression.* Now I'm a Thomist, or at least I'm attempting to be one. Funny ol' universe.

I'd better be careful about these kinds of things though. First you're posting the results of a geek quiz. Before you know it you're posting answers to long questionnaires with questions like "What is your idea of the perfect romantic evening?"** I think we can all agree that such a path is one that it would be best to avoid.

* "Pretty Platonic progression" is an enjoyably alliterative phrase.

** The answer to this question is as follows: "Dancing barefoot on a moonlit beach to the music of the heavenly spheres." The less said about this the better, no?

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